The two managing partners of PROVEST each have extensive experience in property development, with expertise ranging from sourcing and deal structuring to financing, renovation and sales. 

The team has built a network of multi-disciplined Hong Kong professionals from the fields of design, building automation, land use law and construction to support the company with architectural, legal and accounting services. In addition they have developed a personal contact network of the most established and successful sales professionals in the Hong Kong property market which allows fast acquisition and liquidation of investment assets.


Dr. Christoph Bannerman


Chris oversees the company’s finances and investment strategy. He possesses over 10 years commercial experience up to the board-level of an MNC. Chris holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship and a diploma in business administration specializing in Finance and Marketing. He has been actively engaged in real estate investments in Europe and Asia for over 10 years.



Henning Voss


Henning, has over 15 years’ corporate experience as MD, Regional Director and Global Marketing Director of a Fortune 20 subsidiary. He has been working in Asia for almost 20 years and his background spans from marketing to sales, BD and management. He holds an MSc in East Asian Business. Henning has been engaged in real estate investments in Hong Kong and other Asian markets since 2007. He is the founder of Vivid Living, a real estate consultancy and developer that focuses on creating healthy living spaces. Vivid Living believes that personal well-being, health and sustainability should be integral components of every living space.