1 bed · 1 bath · 1100 sqf


This Vivid Living concept apartment re-imagines the home as a platform for total health, balance and well-being. This flat combines air and water filtration systems with organic fabrics and sustainable materials to create a home that is a true conduit to long-term, holistic health. The health-supporting aspects of the flat are further enhanced by the apartment’s Biophilic Design elements and expansive sea views. We believe that ecological sustainability goes hand-in-hand with human well-being, and that the two reinforce each other in this Hong Kong health oasis. 

  • Double glazed, UV coated windows
  • FSC-approved bamboo flooring & wood furniture
  • Biophilic design & VOC-free paint
  • Split-aircon system + energy saving technology & fans
  • Open plan kitchen with natural stone countertop
  • Ultrasonic food washer, Siemens steam oven, dish-washer & washer / dryer
  • Water filtration system
  • Air purification system
  • LED Mood Lighting System throughout the flat
  • Reflexology Path & Toto Neorest toilet in Bathroom